RiverKids….What’s with that name?

When our journey started in 2005, we were striving for a strong name that would represent our service to the children in our care as relational and not medical. We also wanted it to represent our spirit and faith, our love for nature, and our awareness of constant change. We arrived at a visual perception that encompassed all of those things. It was a river.

A river is powerful and majestic and is constantly in a state of change as it navigates through obstacles and freedoms; and in the end, flows into something bigger than itself. It is an adventure… from the beginning to the end.

This image paints the picture of the path families and children may endure. When we imagined helping people, we imagined a child and family on a raft. The raft typically representing an unsteady, unguided vessel and each family has their own path. There may be unexpected turns, quiet times, celebrations of accomplishments, and even setbacks. As the journey continues, we envision our therapists locking arms with the family and help navigate their vessel through the rough times and celebrate the victories. In the end, we are hopeful that RiverKids has assisted and empowered the child and family into further independence.

So, this is why we chose a name that would remind us daily of our mission. For a brief time, we are blessed to be a part of a child’s journey through our therapy services and we are proud to call them our Riverkids.