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Our Story

We get the question all the time about how RiverKids Pediatric came to be. What was it that led you here? Was this a place that you happened to find or did you seek it? The truth is, it found us. See, when you ask a question for so long you might be surprised in what you find. And we were. For us, the question was how can we use our strengths together and serve something bigger than ourselves. How can we make a difference and meet people where their needs are?

Midway through 2005 it started with a simple prayer, “Lord, guide us to a place where we can help and ultimately glorify you.” And there began the journey. From that point we had the opportunity to meet some of the most incredible mentors within business, finance, and the medical field that would help us sharpen our broad vision more clearly. Because at that time we had the Why, just not the What.

Then one day we knew for certain where we needed to be. We were having a conversation with one of our close friends who was a nurse at a local children’s hospital. She was a little distressed that one of her patients was being discharged to home health because she preferred the therapy to happen close to her so she can make sure they are getting the best care. This stirred a question in us as some of our strengths were within the therapy world as well. They are going home for therapy, why is she concerned? It is home, shouldn’t that be where the best therapy is?

From that moment, a passion stirred deep within us which has had a life changing impact upon us. We became singularly focus on becoming a home health provider that would value each life we serve and consider it a blessing to help lift burdens of the families that entrust us. From the blessing of the first child we saw, to the many we see now. It is truly humbling and amazing that we are blessed to carry this responsibility and share in this journey.

Of course and without question, our staff has been the vehicle that drives this boat. We sit in amazement all the time in reflection about our amazing team here. This part of the journey has had more impact on us than we could have ever dreamed. We imagine a therapist that comes to talk with us about a possible employment. Maybe they go home and share this story with their spouse and ask them to pray for a decision. Maybe they even tell a friend, or small group, or brothers and sisters the same story and ask for support as well. Now, we are imagining many people surrounding this therapist that are seeking advice about the leadership of RiverKids. This is an awesome responsibility to carry and one we do not take lightly. We passionately and fiercely protect those who trust us and we have committed to never compromise or mortgage their future with us with irresponsible decisions. Our “CREW” are some of the most dedicated, caring, focused therapists in the country and we are truly blessed to have each and every one of them.

Our prayers for ‘life work’ guidance led us to passionately serve precious children and their families who are in need of at-home speech, occupational and/or physical therapy. Our adventure continues daily and we are grateful for the chance to be a part of yours.